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As a world class engineering company, Sum Royal Engineering Group was stablished to support you in your engineering projects. Our highly expert engineers and managers will help you from pre-projects steps to construction. Our researchers can develop new PFDs and optimize plants. Our engineers can help you to procure the equipment for your factory and required construction for installation them.  We can support you projects in areas of metallurgy and minerals engineering, oil and gas, chemistry and petrochemistry.

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The Sum Royal Engineering Group is an engineering and technology driven industrial conglomerate based in Dubai. As a group it provides engineering and industrial plant solutions and services across mining and metallurgy, chemistry and petrochemistry, oil & gas, wastewater treatment and environment. With a solid scientific background, Sum Royal Engineering Group can provide perfect services in the following areas

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Grow through mutually beneficial associations with customers, technology partners and vendors; empower and strengthen the skills and competencies of people; apply a systems approach to project management to ensure timely, cost-effective & quality deliverables.



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